"C" is for connecting: passing along "seeds of kindness"

I woke up this morning and logged on to Facebook as i usually do every morning.  I was scrolling through my news feed drinking a fresh, delicious, piping hot cup of coffee, trying to wake up for the day.  I scrolled down and saw there was a new post on one of my favorite blogs to read Under the Sycamore, a very sweet and uplifting blog by Ashley Ann.
I followed the link and began to read. It was about "planting seeds of kindness" something she had been sharing with her children and working on for herself.  Specifically it was about a good friend of hers from out of state sending her lemons after she had commented via instagram about wishing to join her for a glass of lemonade.  It was a small but very sweet gesture, a seed of kindness.

As always it was a good read (i encourage you to check out her post here.), but more so than usual I found myself connecting to her experience.

I was having a really bad week. I wrecked my new (used) mini van and smashed my garage door all in one fowl swoop; I also decided to jump back into photography last week and I was feeling insecure about my skills… anyway I was feeling really low. Unexpectedly my sweet friend Tess dropped by unannounced on her way somewhere with her family just to drop of a darling mug with my initial on it. It was a sweet gesture, given to help lighten my spirit. 

It wasn’t until later when I actually used it to have my coffee that I realized the specialness of it. That mug was a seed of kindness she planted in me. Every time I fill it with hot coffee goodness and sip that first sip, I am reminded that she is with me… whether my day is hard, or if I am just sitting to enjoy the beverage i love most. And it makes me smile. She is the friend that has always made me rise to the occasion, made me want to be a better mother, a better friend, a kinder person. That seed that she planted is growing with me and it made me want to plant more seeds of my own. It is really funny how that works.

It fills my heart to know people and encounter others who find it important to lift up others. So I thank Tess and Ashley Ann for in there own individual ways planting seeds of kindness in me and I hope passing this experiance along to you encourages you to plant seeds of you own.