Project: Stamped Kraft Book Covers

I am always looking for inexpensive solutions for styling and decorating my home.  I have built in shelves in between my living room and dining area that I am constantly changing and rearranging.  I am working on filling them with odd finds and antiques that i have collected, but I am always looking for new and interesting ways to display my books. I like to display my books like they are decorative objects themselves, and this an easy and inexpensive decorative fix for any hardbound book. It really dressed up my collection of classics that I got for $1.00 a piece at my local Barnes & Noble.

The idea started with a roll of kraft paper I bought at Lowes for around 8.00, these roll are sold in their painting section it is called Brown Masking Paper.  Originally i purchased it for my kids to color on, but looking at it it reminded me of the book covers I made in junior high out of paper grocery bags, which, you could also use for this project in loo of the masking paper.

Follow this link to a great step by step video I found on how to cover a book with brown paper bags.

After covering my books I used these great letter stamps I found on clearance at JoAnn Fabrics, but any small letter stamps will do! Then I stamped the title and authors last name on the spine of each of the book covers.  I recommend practicing stamping on scrap paper before committing to the book cover, just so you don't have to fold a brand new cover if you make a mistake { I had a couple mishaps with spacing and spelling, before I had the finished product to display on my shelves.}

The lettering will not be perfect but i think it is kind of charming, kind of like type from an old typewriter.

This project was fun, simple, and nearly free... and I think they add a little something special to my shelf display!


  1. What a sweet little idea. I'm going to try making some tomorrow!

  2. Awesome! I wondered where to find that paper for cheap! I've done the shopping bag route but they aren't so crisp as yours. Great job!

  3. Hi there! New follower to your blog~found your paper covered books on pinterest while I was looking for an idea to cover some of mine. Love the stamped spines~


  4. What a great idea. I also remember covering my school books with brown paper. Very charming project!

  5. i love the ideaa!!! amazing blog:)
    Big hugs from Venezuela


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