Project 52: week 1 {Resolution}

So this year I have decided to participate in the My Four Hens project 52. Every week  week there is a new theme.  This weeks theme was "Resolution". Above my resolution to take more pictures and grow in my photography, I have resolved to try to stop comparing myself to others. this has always been a major stumbling block for me, and it feels like more so right now than before. This is my first submission...

The story behind this photo:
Last year I was reading a post on one of the very lovely blogs I follow, Under The Sycamore,  Ashley was writing about a creative block she was having and how even she a very successful blogger compares herself, her blog, and her craftiness to other bloggers out there that she really admired... and she was left wondering why we {her readers} visited her blog with such regularity.  She talked about how she did not feel nearly as crafty or profound ( I am paraphrasing) as some of the bloggers she really admired. She shared that she was having a tough time creating new crafts to share, because she was spending too much time doubting  her own creative abilities due to this time spent comparing. She then shared a quote, which I immediately wrote on the chalkboard wall in my work space: "Comparison is the thief of creativity".

Comparison has always gotten between me and my own happiness, it is only in the moments when I have NOT compared myself to others have I really found my own creativity.
...I have spent far to much time in my life comparing myself, my family, my successes and my failures to the people in my life. It has affected my life, my art, my career goals, and my self esteem. This year I resolve to stop comparing. It will not be easy, but my goal is to let go and enjoy what I have and who I am... so that I may find my own voice, happiness, and success.

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